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Test characteristics

  • AlifBee Arabic test an online test with webcam & screen recording.
  • Secure browser, screen will be locked down and it becomes full screen.
  • Remote tests are monitored and proctored.

AlifBee Test types

Exam Requirements

You must have:

ID verification (Passport)

Quiet room with a good light

Your computer must have:

Good internet connection


Front facing camera


The questions in AlifBee test target the four skills

The grades were distributed among the four skills, for each skill 100, and in the final result, the grades are divided into 4, the maximum grade is 100 and the passing grade is 60.

Forbidden activities during the exam

Removing camera preview.

Getting out of full-screen mode

Speaking during the test

Communicating with people during the test

Being with someone else in the room

Using external devices

Using external sources of information

Turning off the microphone or the camera

Keeping ears covered

Taking notes

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